Medical Industry Innovation Institute

Open Course 2016

Medical Industry Innovation Forum

The 2016 forum is over.

[Theme] Question the true value of the medical industry during a period business (model) transformation


November 29th, 2016 – February 21st ,2017 (6 sessions)
18:00 – 21:00 (Reception will be held after the lecture)


Tetsumon Memorial Hall
(14th Floor, Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Building)

Target Audience
200 people
  • Undergraduate and graduate students (from The University of Tokyo and other universities)
  • Medical Innovation Industry Institute members
  • Healthcare professionals from medical institutes, academic societies, industries including pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Other professionals with a strong interest in leading Innovation in the medical industry
Registration Fee
Please pay the fee via a single bank transfer payment. We will provide the account information at a later date
  • Regular: 30,000JPY
  • Mi3 Member: 15,000JPY (It costs extra, annual membership fee 12,000 yen)
  • Student: Free, for 6 lectures.
Course Description

The rules of health care providers are changing. With the intervention of IT and AI in all fields, the value of information in the medical services and the ‘last mile’ for patient access is changing. Moreover, what is provided in the medical setting is changing, e.g. cell therapy, genome-based Precision Medicine, information available through the i-Appli. With regard to the existing medical care regimes, drug pricing rules are being actively discussed. The rules are being transformed by technology advances, and the business “fields” need to adapt and evolve to reflect the opportunities created.
In this year’s Medical Industry Innovation Forum, we will address the key industry dynamics through panel discussions and interaction. We will draw out what ‘survival of the fittest strategy’ is envisaged by each stakeholder in this period of fundamental transformation.

Contact Information

Forum office within Medical Innovation Industry Institute
Tel: +81-3-5842-3363
Presented by Pharmaco-Business Innovation, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo (Professor: Hiromichi Kimura).
The Forum is sponsored by the Medical Innovation Industry Institute


Shin-ichi Muramatsu

Jichi Medical University
Division of Oriental Medicine, Center for Community Medicine Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine

Yasushi Okuno

Kyoto University
Department of Biomedical Data Intelligence
Graduate School of Medicine

Masahiro Morimoto

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Hiromichi Kimura

The University of Tokyo
Visiting Professorr

Masanori Akita

MTI Ltd.
Senior General Manager
Healthcare Business Group

Yo Iwami

President (M.D, Ph.D)

Kohei Yoshida

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Director, Information Applications Promotion Office, Information and Commiunications Bureau

Masaaki Matoba

Showa University Graduate School of Health Sciences
Assistant Professor

Jan. 24nd(Tue)
Toshikazu Ban

Fujifilm Corporation Corporate Vice President,  General Manager, egenerative Medicine Business Div.
Cellular Dynamics International Japan Co.Ltd President

Yoji Sato

National Institute of Health Sciences
Division of Cell-Based Therapeutic Products

Jun Takahashi

Kyoto University Professor
Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA)

Shintaro Sengoku

Tokyo Institute of  Technology
Assistant Professor
Department of Innovation Science, School of Environment and Society

Yoshiyuki Majima

Japan Federation of Cancer Patient Groups

Toshiaki Sai

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Member of the Board
Senior Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Strategy Division

Masami Sakoi

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Government of JAPAN
Director, Medical Economics Division Health Insurance Bureau

Hiromichi Kimura

The University of Tokyo
Visiting Professorr

Kaoru Asano

Member of the Managing Board and Senior Executive Officer
Managing Director

Soichiro Isobe

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Director
Medical Device Evaluation Division
Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau

Takahiro Ochiya

National Cancer Center Research Institute
Group for Research of Molecular Functions and Targets Chief, Division of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Sumimasa Nagai

The University of Tokyo Senior Assistant Professor
Division of Genetic Therapeutics, The dvanced Clinical Research Center
Center for Translational Research and Department of Hematology/Oncology, Research Hospital
The Institute of Medical Science

Feb. 21st(Tue)
Suguru Roy Kimura

S. Roy Kimura, Ph.D., Founder and Representative Director, Modulus Discovery, Inc.
Associate Professor, Industry Youth Mentor, Special Appointment, Tokyo Institute of Technology Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences

Yutaka Akiyama

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Professor, School of Computing,
Director, Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences

Keiichi Masuya

PeptiDream Inc.
Vice President, Head of Chemistry
Member Board of Directors

Kazuki Ohno

Catalyst, inc. President
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Associate Professor (Industry Youth Mentor)Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences