Medical Industry Innovation Institute

Open Course 2023

Medical Industry Innovation Forum

[Theme] Exploring the Future of Drug Discovery in Japan and Around the World


February 2024-March 2024, 6:00pm-8:45pm (JST) (including optional networking)


Ito International Research Center (B2 floor) [#1,#5,#6]

Tetsumon Memorial Hall (14th floor) [#2,#3,#4]

Target Audience
200 people
  • Undergraduate and graduate students (from The University of Tokyo and other universities)
  • Medical Innovation Industry Institute members
  • Healthcare professionals from medical institutes, academic societies, industries including pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Other professionals with a strong interest in leading Innovation in the medical industry
Registration Fee

General public : 30,000yen
Students : Free

Course Description

Over the past two decades, the global pharmaceutical market has undergone significant changes. High-priced biopharmaceuticals now dominate top sales,overshadowing Japanese drug discovery, which primarily focuses on small molecule drugs. Japan has found itself sidelined in the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, a type of biopharmaceutical, and has had to rely on its own resources. The government has spearheaded efforts to recover from this situation, but the reality is that these efforts are proving to be extremely challenging, with the difficulties seemingly permeating all aspects of Japan’s drug discovery efforts. This forum serves as a gathering place for individuals who remain undeterred by these challenges. These individuals are committed to maximizing the potential of their respective fields through the generous exchange of knowledge, hard work, and financial resources. As we enter a period of significant social and industrial change, this year’s focus will be on the cutting-edge areas that will shape the future of drug discovery. We will also discuss Japan’s role in this field.


#1: February 1st.:Overview of Japan’s Drug Discovery Competitiveness
#2: February 6th.:China’s Drug Discovery Capabilities
#3: February 14th.:Current status of AI utilization in the pharmaceutical industry
#4: February 28th:New Modality CDMO
#5 March 18th:Cell Therapy
#6: March 27th.:Nucleic Acid Therapy

Contact Information

Forum office within Medical Innovation Industry Institute
Tel: +81-3-5842-3363

  • These are closed sessions, so photography, video and audio recording are prohibited.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and consideration.