Medical Industry Innovation Institute

Open Course 2013

Medical Industry Innovation Forum

The 2013 forum is over.

[Theme] Leading Innovation in the medical industry - the core of the Growth Strategy

November 12th, 2013 – March 18th, 2014 (8 sessions) 18:00-21:00

Tetsumon Memorial Hall
(14th Floor, Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Building)

Target Audience
200 people
  • Undergraduate and graduate students (from The University of Tokyo and other universities)
  • Medical Innovation Industry Institute members
  • Healthcare professionals from medical institutes, academic societies, industries including pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Other professionals with a strong interest in leading Innovation in the medical industry
Registration Fee
Please pay the fee via a single bank transfer payment. We will provide the account information at a later date
  • Regular: 40,000JPY
  • Mi3 Member: 26,000JPY (It costs extra, annual membership fee 12,000 yen)
  • Student: Free, for 8 lectures.
Course Description

The medical industry is expected to play a central role in the growth strategy for Japan’s Economic Revitalization, The country is currently in a favoured, and quite unique position in that medical care is available for the entire population through the social security system. This framework has enabled an eco-system which develops significant medical solutions on a large-scale to meet increasing demand. The needs are changing and demands are increasing, as the population rapidly ages. This is demanding greater human resources in the medical industry, as well as bringing new entrants, from a variety of fields, as new transformational solutions are sought to obviate accelerating cost increases. In these dynamic circumstances, a variety of stakeholders are stressing the need to create a new, world-class, social system, with innovative business models that abhor bureaucracy, encourage collaboration and co-creation, facilitate translational research and empower innovators.
In this year’s course, we will invite top leaders, from different leadership perspectives in industry, government, academic, or medicine, who will share their thoughts and experiences under the common theme of the leading-edge challenges to the future industrial development of the medical industry. We anticipate that these different perspectives will enhance the discussions for making proposals on regulatory reform for a new medical and social system, with transformational business models that reflect closer, public-private partnership

Contact Information

Forum office within Medical Innovation Industry Institute
Tel: +81-3-5842-3363
Presented by Pharmaco-Business Innovation, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo (Professor: Hiromichi Kimura).
The Forum is sponsored by the Medical Innovation Industry Institute

Nov. 12th (Tue.)
Hiromichi Kimura

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical
SciencesThe University of Tokyo

Hiroto Izumi

Director General,Special Advisor to the Prime Minister
Office of Healthcare Policy Cabinet Secretariat

Dec. 10th(Tue.)
Tatsuhiko Saruwatari

Representative Director, Executive Vice President

Ichiro Kanazawa

Graduate School, International University of Health and Welfare

Dec. 17th (Tue.)
Masuhiro Kato

Project Professor
Translational Research Initiative The University of Tokyo

Taketsugu Fujiwara


Jan. 14th (Tue.)
Shinji Hirai

Governor of Tottori Prefecture
Tottori Prefecture

Osamu Sudoh

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Informatics The University of Tokyo

Tokashiki Naomi

Member of the House of Representatives

Jan. 28th (Tue.)
Masayo Takahashi

Project Leader
Laboratory for Retinal Regeneration RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

Akihiro Umezawa

Center for Regenerative Medicine, National Research Institute for Child Health and Development

Feb. 18th (Thu.)
Shigeo Oyagi

President & CEO
Tijin Limited

Morito Monden

Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

Mar. 4th (Tue.)
Motoki Ozaki

Chairman of the Board

Masatoshi Narita

Councilor for Pharmaceutical Affairs Minister’s Secretariat
Ministry of Health, Lob our and Welfare

Mar. 18th (Tue.)
Sadayuki Tsuchiya

Senior Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Yoichi Miyazawa

Member of the House of Councilors